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Wellbeing - the relaxed Thursday evening

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Yesterday I blogged about embracing the new challenges for economic Wellbeing in the UK.  The challenges I suggested might be partly overcome by using the computing cloud that has come to over above us. The element that will make it a success is the ingenuity of the people using the tools.  They weren't interested in making them themselves as they had other more important roles in my opinion.

The roles in a cooperative society that they chose have been of educators, farmers, engineers, healers, parents and custodians.  Those roles have not changed but some have found they are no longer are required to be managers in  most cases.   They can do what I suggest the majority of people want to do set their own targets and recognise when they have reached their goals.

I read a story in one of the Kindle editions of the newspapers, I will track it down and edit this post later, that suggested many people were keeping quite for fear of the consequences of stating the core facts before they had been embellished by their boss.  The information that is used a s the basis of most decisions is usually readily available now in what Bill Gates called the new university, the internet. Managers are no longer able to hide their mistakes since there are many people watching.  This I hope will lead to a greater Wellbeing of most as they become managed more intelligently and have their emotions taken into account.

I will finish on that.  I have gained my Black Belt in the  Zumo dojo today.  It took over 24 hours for all the tasks to be completed so that I could have a Web 2.0 optimised work tool.  I could not have done this without  the BT Superfast connection and wireless connectivity.  So although I was not particularly happy with BT a month ago it seems as usual to have come good in the end, until the next upgrade.  It is just a matter of applying skills and persistence and not about writing how you are going to get somebody else to solve the problem .

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