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Web 2.0 for Educators - Part 3

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The return of the Agora?

If you are reading this you were not too affected by yesterday.  The return to the time of being a  nation of shopkeepers may appear to be a hard step.  We have all been convinced by the idea that if it is delivered to your home it is of better service quality than  queuing to buy it with everybody else.  This is the real life outcome of  the attitudes  portrayed in the John Cleese and (later) Two Ronnies sketch.

The idea of greater prosperity driven by technological advances was supposed to release us from work to have more leisure time.  A premise was enshrined in law that you had to retire at certain age whether you could afford to or not.  This was  taken as a right and was  supported by the National Insurance scheme.  However these expectations no longer apply.  The reasons  are political opinions and I choose not to work in that area.

So how does this relate to Web 2.0.  Well we have  realised the musing from one of my favourite books Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  The Babel fish is alive and well in the form of an Android phone.  The skills needed to operate a Web 2.0 driven lifestyle will have to be gained rapidly if you are going to compete over the next few new years and retain all your assets (home as opposed to investment property).   The scenarios announced yesterday that included the NHS revamp and the transfer of maternity leave to become paternity leave makes the idea of Teleworking a necessity for most businesses.

For more on Web 2.0  visit the Blogs 2pointfiveageofman.net  and kritirecharge.co.uk.

Hopefully we will then all be able to reclaim our own village green before the council sells it for redevelopment.

PS Look out for the FSB's Keep it local campaign.  Events for social and micro-entrepreneurship will be appearing on the Dipity timeline via the link above.

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