Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Ten minutes to midnight resolution (plus or minus 15 minutes assertion time)

Started Sunday 9th January 2011, 1148 pm

In 2017 I will take home the same salary as Steve Jobs did in 2010.

I will earn $1 salary for the work style and incomes I am involved in at the moment at that instant going into 2018.  This will be more than just enough.

The Phoenix that is slumbering in the ashes of the paper bricks made from the 1.6 million words up to the last election will be stirred.  The Phoenix will explain to the Parrot why he has risen.

The Parrot will be selective in it's message to the Raven.  The repetition of the Parrots' message to the Raven will cause it to retreat back to it's Gutenberg page.   The Raven will not say anything anymore.

Until the Phoenix sleeps again in the ashes of the policy document.  By that time it will Year 2018.

That is the mission statement.

To follow my aspirations for the next 24 hours .........

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