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Career Change on a Wednesday

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Career change is never easy.  Finding the right advice is also not very easy.  The world is not a very friendly place to the people who are having to act quickly because they have financial pressures owing to past trust issues with their financial institutes  (I will leave you to fill in the gaps of what this might mean).

I have  a little expertise in skepticism gained from that so called University of Hard knocks over the last 26 years, a whole generation of slaloming through those gates on the downhill course!

I have visited sometimes many fonts of business knowledge.  I have  been dropped in the font a few times, but managed to swim away.  Each time I have become, just, a little wiser.

As I personally contemplate dipping my toes into the digital ocean and go self-employed for part of my economic activities I have found the Lawpack series, in my case available locally from WHSmith or Staples.   I have used the Self-Employed pack.  This gives a series of useful documents and also a  booklet with a self-assessment test that   tests your motivations for going self-employed.  In other words do you at the moment have the right skills or persistence powers to make a small business a viable start up.  If you do not then it does identify areas that you may need to consider bolstering.  Like  taking a  psychometric test new skills and experiences can alter your profile and your perception of your suitability for this mode of living.

Relevant to home working is a new pack that will appear this week.  I learnt this from the author who is a member of the Teleworking Association.  I am personally going to obtain a copy as I have already used the self-employment pack as an aide de memoir when ticking off the way points to being self-employed.

Tomorrow the forecast is for light snow so I will catching up with those bits that need doing such as the Blog articles for 2pointfiveageofman and

Wellbeing tomorrow is the theme and being well in the dark of January is difficult to achieve.  A herbalists' lore (I am a Botanist/Agriculturalist by training)  will be dipped  into to promote health benefits.  

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