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The worst day of the year?

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This is supposed to be the worst day of the year.  The BBC  have been saying so all the time since 6.00 am.  The NHS is being shaken up with  Middle Managers going and practitioners of first point of contact services ie Nurses and Doctors are becoming in charge of the care not the people behind the desks who are mostly unqualified medically. 

The concerns of some in the business community of the negative economic impact of fathers being allowed to get to know their children was debated.  The Wellbeing to society of welcoming this change  I believe going return more economic benefits than  costs.  It only becomes a problem if you mortgage is based on the joint income of both parents.

 A problem around joint mortgages was created in the eighties when banking regulation was relaxed. We employed the dinkies before they became 30 something and then wanted to start a family.  The cost of this when recession came and both were made redundant wasn't felt by the banks as they still the property to redeem the debt against.  A win win situation!

A life coach was talking essentially about how to get yourself together (lyrics by U2).  To be able to do that can be quite hard especially if you have been a Middle Manager in the public sector.  This is why I started this blog on the 2nd December 2011.  You can listen to all the advice but the person that has to do the career and lifestyle change is you.  Choosing the SMART choices can take a very long time or a short time depending on how you recognise opportunities for success .  Sometimes it is difficult to see the next hill when you are hurtling up the first.  

The Lighthouse Family were on the sofa being asked why they had not been heard of for long.  A comment that struck a chord with me was that they had experience such a vast change in life. It was apparently like skiing very fast down hill.  At the end of my first year in teaching my boss conducted my first appraisal.   The only thing she wrote down as she listened was a drawing of a stick man skiing up a bumpy hill who had not reached the summit.  A very emotionally intelligent manager for me on that occasion. 

The target for the week is to blog on solutions for the news items mentioned on the BBC this morning. 

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