Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Web 2.0 for Educators - Part 4

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In the footsteps of Isaak Walton, trying not to become the Complete Tangler.

In the very circuitous route today I have been to London and back to meet with some very forward thinking people called the Teleworking Association.  This is a Nationally operating not for profit group that promotes and propagates smart solutions to today working environment.   Previous blogs have outlined some of my opinions on the way that Teleworking can transform peoples overall Wellbeing and be of benefit both to worker and the person who buys their services.  Over the coming weeks the Teleworking Association will be working towards explaining new ways that people can access Web 2.0  Technologies.

It has been a long day so this will only be a short post.  I boarded a bus at 5.50 am this morning to Cambridge Railway Station.  I then took the train along the route of the River Lee.  This was made famous by Isaak Walton in the Compleat Angler.  In the subsequent centuries the unimportance of this valley saw a canal and later a railway  built along the same course.  In some places the canal actually runs almost under the railway.  Even then there were problems securing land for infrastructure from landowners.

Well I am going to end here (it is now 1848 GMT) since Ipswich are playing Arsenal in the Football League Cup .  As I returned to Cambridge on the train from King's Cross Station I passed the Emirates stadium.  Unfortunately not having a ticket and the need to return to see my cat (arrangements had been made for someone to go and check on her during the day) means that I will watch it on a TV screen on BBC 2.

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