Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Saturday Garden Shed

Started Saturday 29th January 2011

A visit to the Garden Centre Today It one of those tasks that I did not get round to during the week.  When I left my former employment as a teacher that usual thing happened there was a whip round for a leaving present. I   was not around to collect this as I had basically had enough of the system, but not the people who I worked with .  I eventually collected my own personal  equipment just after the end of my contractual obligations and a large amount of National Garden Gift Vouchers.

The wind of change has been weathered. I am now glad I decided to make the break when I did.  The climate of economic change that is sweeping everybody else along at the moment does not seem to take prisoners at all.  The public sector trained workforce has not yet been whittled down to "affordable levels". I am hopefully not competing against them but have entered a new phase of 21st Century Working.

So back to the garden centre (I have put a link to Sturmer Nurseries website in the bar near the title) and my purchases.  I have mentioned the square foot gardening concept in previous blogs on a Saturday and sometimes a Thursday.  Practicing what you preach is always one of my aims given the chance.

Potatoes, well it is National Potato day tomorrow as shown on my Dipity Time Line   , were the main reason for going to the Nursery.  I chose a first early crop Foremost which is good for baking. Cara a main crop suitable for boiling, roasting, chipping and baking.  The final variety I chose was King Edward a familiar name that I believe did for a while disappear off the national certified seed list.  King Edward is not only good for baking, roasting, chipping but also for mashed potato.  I have most uses covered, salad use might be a problem but that is only an opinion.

The potatoes are now chitting in traditional wooden seed trays lined with newspaper in the top space of my airing cupboard in the dark.  I really only put two and two together of why this top cupboard was probably there a few years ago. Tall ceilings can lead to tall airing cupboards. Which are integrated into the Cottage Garden economy.

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