Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday the end of the weekly cycle

The mouse is still mystifying the cat
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That Friday feeling.  Well assessing the successes of this week.   The Cycle is again now complete for another week.  The free blogging is now for the weekend.

So what has worked well.  I am feeling almost vindicated in quitting my job and walking away from the teaching situation I found myself in 6 months.  A total clean break was made I did not look back.  We are undergoing the closure of the Middle Schools in our part of Suffolk. 

When the process started we were told we would not have to apply for our jobs, but we did.  As somebody who had 13 years experience and did not want to be redeployed to the other end of the county this was a realisation that I was going to find it hard to fit into Suffolk County Council's master plan and the general push for academies and free schools.    Now all middle schools who had a reprieve are going to go.   Thankfully I seem to have regained some of my Wellbeing again to move on after experiencing a very unpleasant situation to be in.  I am still willing to do Supply Work and am now starting to receive a stream of offers, but do not envy those who were Middle Managers soon to be no more.   I do hope former colleagues do not share the same experience.

So I went back to the drawing board.  One result of that period of reflection is the Blog that you are reading now.  Call it a self-help experiment of testing ways pull the irons out the fire.  A recruitment advisor had a meeting with me during the week and was suitably impressed with the social networking skills being employed that she is using it as part of her college course work.  A bit of self-ego massaging here but sometimes you have to recognise when you may have reached a new signpost on that road to Wellbeing I started to talk about yesterday.  There have been numerous other bits that have clicked together this week almost like clockwork.  One that I am really excited about is the potential of the Teleworking Association (buy the handbook or join I highly recommend it) to fulfill the dreams of the Telecottage Association .  But it has taken six months to think of Blue Sky opportunities again rather than Hurricane warnings.

The websites that I have set up I will continue to be maintained as part of the social and micro entrepreneurial threads maintained in  previous blogs.  This is because these interest me.  If it did not it would be a chore to write.

So first week of 2011 over.  What is in store for next few weeks?

In the words of  Baldrick I have a cunning plan.  But hopefully unlike Baldrick's my aims might be achievable.

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