Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Web 2.0 for educators part 2

I should really have a go at finding
 another picture but this is one design
 I had the foresight to commision and buy
 from a graphic designer in Hersonnisos, Crete.
She took the raw design drawn on the equivalent
  I gave her a little quizzically and didn't do a bad
 (English understatement here) interpreting
my ideas a few Polo shirts later and she was even
more happy with the transaction. 
Started Tuesday 11th January 2010 Started 7.00 am
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As promised the continuation of Web2.0 concepts from the Blog last Tuesday   I will continue to outline the general principles but will use my intended 500 word limit to blog on an important twitter feed  from somebody who I follow.  I do not follow everybody on twitter only those that can add insight to my own endeavours.  I have already ceased following a teaching agency that I realised was a little bit of a  twitter spammer (that sounds a bit rude). 

I won't put her link on here because that wouldn't be appropriate for the potential traffic she may get.  Also twitter appeared to be having a growth spurt yesterday was looking awkward and gangling,  so much so it wasn't recognisable.  I am sure when it's hormones calm down and it's calm again you will be able to find myself and Andrea if you have the inclination.

So what was the twitter feed about?  The knotty issue of Web 2.0 technology safety.  I will not attempt an Alexander the Great solution to this Gordion knot of a challenge.  It is a swinging not and I might miss, severing my own means of remaining balanced on both feet.

A good starting point is the safety principles contained in the Schoolsofeverything website.   The rules for meeting in real life apply equally to encounters on the digital ocean of Web 2.0.  Rather than comment on specifics here and fill up/slow down Google's Public servers for everybody else I would direct yo to the Blogs I run on my domains that are hosted on Business orientated servers.   The links are in the bar near the title of this blog posting. 

So what arrived in the Kindle this morning.  The yellow snow award for journalism goes to the story about  the teacher who let his pupils go sledging.  I won't say where my sympathies lie since I might at some point inadvertently be guilty of eating yellow snow myself.  Web 2.0 has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you when you least expect it.  An Australian friend of mine, who is a computer consultant, was last Friday night was expressing in the pub   his open mouthed disbelief at the  deviousness of some recruitment agencies use of Facebook to select people by assessing their ability to slag their boss off (additional Blog informationn).  This is back on theme with Andrea's twitter.

The moral of the story?  If it's yellow it 'ain't snow.

And...... Finally what would Samuel Pepys have experienced on this day in 1668?  I will not spoil your chance to to make your own interpretation since I have probably exceeded my self-imposed 500 word limit.  

 Tomorrow I will try to answer the question "Why are teachers are a  business' most valuable asset?"

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