Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Why are teachers your most valuable Business asset?

Started Wednesday 12th January 2011.  5:35 am.
Total Words 1488  Target 500
Success  = 297 %                          
Anything > 100% Aspirational Target not achieved

An early start.  The birds in the garden are extremely load.  I live in a so called conservation area where the council dictates that single glazed  windows are the preferred option (only option they mean).  However, if the early bird hadn't been putting on a garden party, I would not have seen the programme on the BBC called Hard Talk where Christine Smid (I hope I have remembered the name correctly) was being interviewed.  At the moment I cannot find it on the  BBC iPlayer site. I hope that is only because it was aired at 4.55 am or thereabouts and hasn't reached the iPlayer server. I highly recommend that you watch it.

As I listened to her very astute and carefully worded replies to the interviewers' questions I was left with an almost ashamed feeling of disquiet.  As a voter I am distantly party to the covenants that the MOD have made with our service personnel. As somebody whose tries to take promises and commitments seriously I was appalled at the apparent reluctance for these covenants to be honoured.

After the interview finished my thoughts turned to why I had started this blog on the 2nd December 2010.  My decision to cease being involved with the educational working environment 6 months ago ago was based on a number of factors.  The Gordian knot that I had  tied in the twine holding up my trousers had started to slip from around my waist to somewhere near my neck.  I was no longer feeling capable of delivering that awe and wonder experience that had caused those eleven year olds a few years ago studying for their science SATS, to be on tip toe waving their hands at me to attract my attention in order to answer the question.

Instead I had become over fearful of the child who had their hand up, but had not been able to attract the teacher's attention.  The unsatisfactory outcome  for them was not balanced in their minds by the classroom conditions of  time constraints.  And that three other pupils had been given the opportunity to comment on the learning aim (in six months the fashionable terminology has probably already changed, but does it  have the same meaning?).  Thirteen years ago a similar child who had inspired trepidation as it had a pupil voice, obtained a job at the Department of Education.  I cannot remember the department's title at that time so we'll call it the Department of Education, as that more accurately described what I thought was in the tin.

The now newly qualified graduate working hard to pay off their student loan became industrious under the direction of their political bosses and decided they would attract that teacher's attention.  So they would not be ignored again they locked themselves away in their offices and started writing corporate style notes to the teacher.   So much so that that the notes prevented the teachers from getting out of the staff training room because the door was jammed shut by the paper blocking the corridor outside.  In a final attempt to be remembered before regime change took over, the notes when spell checked showed that the now Middle Manager in the Department of Education could  with enough IT equipment write 1.6 million words in a pre-election year.

I'm starting to get a little self justifying here and going off the planned theme of this Wednesday blog about career change.  My aspirational target of 500 words definitetly not achieved so I will have to give myself a telling off and no solution of what I should do next.

Oh, that's strange I haven't seen the words aspirational and target next to each other in sentence or bullet point on a  Powerpoint presentation for a long time.  I had better try to avoid being flippant in this blog.  somebody might read more in to my intent than I intended.  This dangerous dog of a blog might turn round and bite me.

No sorry I'll take my blinkers and blindfold off.  It turns out the dangerous dog is a warm fluffy little golden labrador wearing extremely loud boots obsessed with being dangerous towards toilet rolls.  When it's had it's  fun I'll just get the Dyson out.   It used to be called a Hoover but that word has now been dammed and sent to the recyle bin.

Oh.......... paper shredder log press and only 1,000,000 words left to shred.   I haven't opened that other cupboard for a while so do not know how many words hiding there.   Maybe I won't have to chop so many logs to go on the fire .

I turned the Dyson on which sent the cat away upstairs to hide under the bed.  Kitty won't be speaking to me a few hours.  This is almost like a Simon's cat scenario.  

Ok.  so back on mission statement for today.

I have exceeded the word limit excessively, so bullet points for short term plan will be written in invisible ink.

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