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The Friday Analysis

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SI = 103.4 % Aspirational Target of not achieved

Videos found this week, on Tuesday the classic John Cleese and two Ronnies.  This was accompanied by Village Preservation Society sung by originally Ray Davis and latterly Kate Rugsby.

The ten year plan - fourth year report 

On the 2nd December 2010 I started to tentatively write a blog.  If you are not used to writing a reflective blog (which everybody can see unlike a diary) it can be a little daunting as you have to be aware of the dangers of social networking.   The blog can sometimes turn round and bite you if you are not careful.

The things that have worked is recognising when the skill you have matches the current trends as thy are happening.  The theme that has been constant this week from Monday  onwards is that we are undergoing massive changes in work style and lifestyle in the UK.  The skills discussed on Tuesday match those needed to effect the career change as we go from a management driven economy to a society that is tailored to the individuals working needs   The sense of Wellbeing found on Thursday was what I have been planning and working towards since I stepped out teaching seven months ago.

A really encouraging piece of news for my home town is that our Locally Funded School and our Academy are in the top 10% in the country (this story is in the print version but does not appear to be on the web, puzzling).  I feel I have a little self-interest in mentioning this since I taught some of  the children referred to between 5 and 7 years ago.  This was when I was Co-ordinator of Science and ICT in the feeder middle school.  We must as teachers have laid some firm foundations even though it did not show in our SATS results (science, maybe, I will let you make up your own  mind).

 The phrase that was common from when I was at school in the town was "What can you do with the kids from Haverhill?".  Obviously they can do quite a lot on their own given the right opportunities.  Also with the first Free School opening outside town the opportunities for a great start on the journey to where they choose to go, not where others think they may be allowed.

Tomorrow being Saturday I will be blogging about square foot gardening and planning a cook's planting sequence.

PS Why the ten year plan?  On Rhodes four years ago while the moon seen in the initial blog  was above I sat with some other friends around the bar.  Thirsty six of us had all chosen to attend a wedding of two of our fiends.  During this time I formulated my next ten year plan. This was not to be teaching in the classroom full-time at the end of the plan.  Four years into the plan I would not at the beginning have thought I would be writing a blog.  If my new 6 year plan runs it's course (intended or unintended outcome) , it will be time to make another 10 year plan.

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