Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wellbeing: the pursuit of the not unbearable lightness of being

Is life a beach ? Should it always be a beach?
Started Thursday  6th January 2010 at 8.20 pm

Wellbeing?  To start this blog off I have thought of many approaches.  I could have tried the listen to me I have lot of experience route.  The if your experiencing this It's all bad look at these website route.

I am going to do probably the shortest post since 21st December 2010.   And concentrate on how you might think you may have achieved it as a starting point.  The warm and fuzzy moment.

It may be the stillness experienced between the first Thursday and following Wednesday of a two week holiday where you are actually relaxed enough before flight and fight return in preparation to returning to work.  It may be the fifteen minutes watching the orangutangs being fed at Jersey Zoo and thinking I've seen that face before.

What makes your Well being?   As a Wellbeing Facilitator (given the chance) at one point I accumulted a lot of information.  The intention is to post items that fall in this indeterminate or determinate areas that allow clarity of the "I can't put my finger on it warm fuzziness".

Take the bits that might work for you.

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