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Web 2.0 for educators - Part 5

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Web 2.0 mirrors village life?

The Village preservation society featured in a previous blog. As I have been watching the news over the last two months parallels between village life and social networking activities.  The world has started to become a village again.

A very sweeping statement but I am of the opinion it has some anthropological basis.  A number of stories over the last few days have re-inforced the fact as people we have lived in village or small communities far longer than we have in cities.  We still have the same networking skills since they are I believe innate.

I read today about research reported in the Daily Telegraph that women of 40 or older using Facebook have more friends (up to 4 times more) than other users.  This seems to mirror the sort of informal networking groups traditionally associated with ladies that lunch or dare I say it the Women's Institute.  I  was constantly aware when I was growing up of my own mother's contacts with others and how well informed she could potentially be of what others (possibly even myself) had been up to.

The use of mobile phones and their replacement of the traditional role of  bike sheds for elicit knowledge (reported in Kindle edition of Telegraph but not website as far as I can find) by  Dr Emma Bond from University Campus Suffolk equally applies to all Web 2.0 technologies including Facebook.  Conversations I have had with friends whose children are wanting to use Facebook all centre around safety and knowing what their children are doing.  Most come to the conclusion that they also need to be a friend on the Facebook account of their child and able to see all posts.

More of  Web 2.0 and the impact of Cloud Computing for not only Educators but small business will appear on the two blogs included in the bar next to the title.

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