Thursday, 13 January 2011

A TGI Friday feeling!

Started Friday 14th January 2011  At 6.00 am GMT
Word Count =    432 Word Limit = 500
Success Index  S.I.  = 87%
S.I. Between 80 and 90 % thorough attempt at fulfilling Aspirational Target has been made
S.I. Between 90 and 100% means reader able to add their interpretation and take part ownership
S.I. Between 50 and 101% Aspirational Target has been met
S.I Less than 50% means wrong Aspirational Targets set as started with wrong premise

Friday review time.  Early morning Friday I find is the best time to review the week's progress against those aspirational targets I set myself on Monday.  If I have become distracted by the trivia of the process or experienced a systems failure I can at least have a fighting chance of  putting the working week to bed by lunchtime.  Then have a Friday become a  POETS day  (push off early tomorrow’s Saturday).  But it depends on how detailed or how long I consider what my aspirational targets should be on Monday.   It also depends if I am trusted to set the targets. Too many ingredients and too little  time means I won't be able to finish the plan in 5 days time. 

I have revisited as to why I started this personal blog on the 2nd December 2010.  The plan was to reclaim my second age of man. I now a have a clearer picture against the background of public sector cuts my personal goals.

My definition of what the word Education means has been revisited and clarified. I have told myself what it is once and written it in lemon juice so I will not have to repeat it to myself a second and third time.

I have reflected on why I have a dislike of the service economy (two links). I think I now have a 6 year plan to enhance my own Wellbeing.

My Wellbeing was enhanced further this week by an event that had parrallels to an event pre-1979. Ipswich Town (my local Suffolk team) beat Arsenal by one goal.  This is the first FA Cup final I can remember watching on TV because of it's relevance to me.   A good result but it is only the first leg of the League cup tie.

So the next step. I have decided to add to my mission statement that I am going to aspire to work in a Business Civilisation as opposed to a Business Empire. A book that I bought for the title and not the name of the author  contains some of the threads of my personal business ethos.

And finally I tried to avoid being a little cynical in this blog as a critical friend observed this trait. I had already observed this trend before he mentioned it. Since somebody else is aware and I would not want my intent to be misinterpreted I had better change the tone..  So at the risk of being a little catty I include this final link for today.

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