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Cloud computing and career change

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Cloudy Day spent flying towards the Sun.

I have had a bit of an Icarus day but so far without any melted wax. I have been flying through the computing clouds and appear to have become a little damp. This is moving a little further on from yesterday's posting towards realising how the Teleworking technology has moved on since 1993 and the founding of the Telecottage Association.  

I have been trying for the last two days to resurrect the net book I bought in August 2008.  The machine has been used quite well over that time, so much so that I had to take the down arrow key apart and wiggle the push switch so I could attempt a reload.  This was not successful.  Even though somewhere I have a 3 warranty that I paid for  I had to have net book connectivity in place today as I had planned.  The meetings I have next week, some of which are featured on the Dipity link above, require that I have a Web 2.0 optimised work tool.  So I went and bought the cheapest net book in town.

Since 11 am this morning I have been slaloming uphill through the gates towards that summit shrouded in the computing cloud.  I am part way through acquiring my black belt in the Zumodrive   dojo.  I haven't yet made up my mind whether going the explorer route or driving the chrome bumpered browser is the best option.  The car seems to be taking the edge though.  In amongst all that I have still had time to apply for a few Web 2.0 based actvities mentioned in the newsletter of the Teleworking Association.

More about this tomorrow in Thursdays' posting concerning Wellbeing.

Further posts can be read over the next by clicking on the links in the title bar  for the  blogs for and

Right I have been labouring away since about 6.00 am this morning.  Fourteen hour day was quite normal for me when I was teaching the difference is that I have set the goals myself.  I can turn the net book off  and go and watch the football.  Indiana Jones is crusading for the last time on BBC, hopefully, it was interesting first time round but is now a little bit frayed around the edges.  

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