Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thursday and Blog evaluation

Started Thursday 30th December  0925 am

349 words

I have been blogging now for almost a month.  It is time to have a look at how effective the blog might be.

Looking  back through the different entries, the length  of each blog would appear to be in some cases excessive.  The articles often run to 1000 words or more.   Looking at the articles that appear in kindle editions and newspapers they have a word count which for a daily blog should probably be no more than 500 words.

The time factor also has to be considered.  A 1000 word blog entry is taking about 45 to 50 minutes to write.   This could be speeded up by sketching out paragraph's initial content in the first sentence.

Readability is also an issue.  Too much text on a page can be daunting.  One tip picked up from the book "How to Write, Create, Promote and Sell Ebooks on the Internet" is the use of white space.  As a former IT teacher, I had some of those I know that moments while reading the book.  Amazing what you forget.

A little too much of the soapbox and often too many ideas within one thread.  However, often the blog like a reflective diary can order your ideas.  A blog is personal and visible so I have to resist the temptation to rant.  Using the statistics function in blogger to assess which articles work and are of interest.   Shouting in the wilderness is not what I am writing the blog for, more exploration of Web 2.0.

Speeding up the blogging process is also important to me considering that within a few days I will be time poor again.  Using Google Chrome is infinitely faster than the IE running on my machine.  It is a matter of seconds sometimes when windows are opening.  This is also useful practice as I explore cloud computing with the additional tools on Google.

So the way forward

1)  Use white space

2) Limit blogs to 500 words

3)  Each blog to have only one thread.

So how many words.  349


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