Thursday, 30 December 2010

Micro entrepreneurship and 2pointfive_age_of_man

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Micro Coral Reef - the artificial aquarium
 Since I last blogged today I have spent time linking up  a few parts of my own coral reef.   You may remember I commented on the interdependence of business activities being analogous to the life of a coral reef. 

As you will notice I have made links to websites that promote my interests in micro entrepreneurship.  I like the story about Kenyan farmers using mobile phone technology to find the best paid market to take their produce to.  This demonstrates the utilisation of 21st Century technology to move goods and services.  For which you can charge added value.

There is a danger that I spend a lot of time on the sites that I have, evangelising about the new way of working.  That is what we employ Professors in Public bodies such as Business schools to do.  The continuum between cutting edge and hard cash does take a long time.  My experiences with the Telecottage Association (tuesday-and-2pointfiveageofman)  demonstrates that a  17 years cycle has had to take place before the technology is able to deliver what it claimed.

So how am I going to move forward along the continuum of innovation to sustainable income?  An approach is to develop the websites as independent areas focusiing either on more social entrepreneurial activities or micro-entrepreneurship.  The personal blog,  should be almost a reflective diary of what I feel interests me.  They say everybody has a book inside them  However, you  have got to be interested in what you are writing about. 

So being a life scientist/chemist I will write about food on a Sunday.  Monday up and coming trends that interest me for the next week.  Tuesday cloud computing and Web 2.0.  Wednesday job markets and trends I am interested in.  Thursday those work-life balance issues.  Friday what has worked well  that week for me.  Saturday the day of leisure and reading all the Saturday supplements, Sunday supplements don't really do it for me.  After all Rome wasn't built in a day, slowly slowly catchee Monkey.   


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