Monday, 6 December 2010

2point5man and Monday morning

Sunrise at Gorey Harbour,
 Jersey, Dec 2009
A week ahead of more Web 2.0 experiences.  A convesration yesterday started me thinkingbaout the world of self-employmen.  In my varied career so far I have touched upon the idea of self-employent a number of times.

In fact I was very briefly set up as a an environemental consultant.  This was a bout 16 years. The green legislation and idea of mitigating liability were only just starting.  As with all startups there needs to be an income stream and that time it was not sustsianable (before sustainability becam a buzz word) .

A group of individuals at time, they still exist, came togther under the group name of Business Link.  They offered business coachig at the time.

(Just experienced a major outage in BTBroadband this has meant most of rest of the blog has been lost as the blog was not saving the draft's.  Annoying as it was looking good. Have had to go to the local library, first time in years and use internet, pretty good as 2 hours free use.  I will try to remember the blog thread later.)  

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