Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Morning

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Woke up at 6.00 this morning which is about normal.  What was not normal is that I switched on the BBC News to discover that we are heading for the coldest winter on record.  The Thames hasn't frozen up yet and there aren't any reports of people having skating parties (yet?).  The mini-iceage of the 1600s was obviously before records.  Too many bridges may have contributed to slowing the flow to allow the Thames to freeze in the 1600s but it still must have been very cold. 

Surprise also, the Germans have problems across the north of their country with, wait for it .... snow.  On Bornholm in Denmark (a Scandinavian country) stopped trying to clear snow because they could not cope, people were stranded.  Belgian airports have been closed (fame other than Poirot).  

Scottish transport ministers may be asked to give advice on how to keep Europe moving.  Heathrow and Gatwick's expertise may be drawn upon to advise less busy airports on communication skills and how to defrost frozen tyres.  A new export market for British knowledge exists.  Now we need to set up a government sponsored agency to exploit this emerging market.  I can recommend a good marketing company to design the logo and a company to outsource the HR and office support (BT are doing a marvellous job with public service outsourcing for Suffolk County Council where money is no problem).

I envisage the time  scale for delivery of the first consultancy paper on 1st April 2011.  This will allow time for a Business guru to be appointed as champion for this new initiative and suitable remuneration packages for key staff to be agreed.   A slight problem might be this new market may have melted away as we speak.  But, the potential to undercut the Environment Agency on flood prevention advice exists ..............

Merry Christmas, I shall be listening to the Queen this afternoon who will be talking about sport.  I will not be splashing cash on the  Internet and keeping those delivery ans on our snowy roads.  On this holy day I have given up just for today the temptations of excess or is it (Mastercard, access is a brand no more) .

In the words of Dave Allen " may your god go with you!"         

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