Friday, 3 December 2010

Not a snow day?

As we shiver in the UK, a more encouraging image of Sun over the sea.

Plenty of feelgood stories in the UK of people volunteering.  The farmer in Northumberland making sure that midwives could to get to work in order to deliver the babies.  Haven't worked out how mothers reached the hospital if the roads were so bad.  Obviously no home calls or emergency deliveries at home.

Small businesses are apparently losing a billion pounds a day.  Although the sledge sellers are moving that stock they have sitting around since last winter, these are the stocks that didn't reach the shops in time because of the snow. People are clearing their own paths (Big Society) so that customers can reach their own businesses. Restaurants and bars are losing trade as people are staying home. No short skirts or collared shirts on the high street?

How are we in Suffolk.  Where's the snow?  To the North, the South and the East, but none in the West Suffolk.  Snow days aren't us.  Responsibility to keep the Christmas tills rolling falls on us.

Silly rail stories abound again.  It's the wrong snow.  The third rail doesn't work.  Electric trains that use a third rail,  have according to the BBC,  been condemned as bad idea since 1906.  Hopefully Southern Rail's original third rails have at least been looked at since then.  However, we have a very strange private railway system.  The companies operate the trains but for some reason the government buys the carriages. We give companies very large train sets to play with, which when they get fed up with or consider they can't make a profit they give back the train set.   Is it private or it public? We have the German rail company Deutsche Bahn de-icing the third rail.  It would be interesting to see them run the whole lot as they cope with snow in Germany don't they or is this an urban myth.

Still look at the picture imagine the 28 degree temperatures.   

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