Friday, 17 December 2010


Have reached the week -end before Christmas.  Bt Internet still not active.  Really itching to plug into Kindle site to get some Christmas reading. 

Had a copy of the Iliad from the Gutenberg Project already download onto my Blackberry, so have been reading the original story of Troy.  Pity so many Roman gods within the text.  Achilles also was not quite as central a figure in the book as in the Film, but there is a surprise.  So what might be a good Christmas Read?      

Winter solstice about to take place and there is a also a lunar eclipse across North America.

Forget about summer solstice this is the real biggee.  Pre-historic farming practise relied upon knowing when  this event took place as they could then plan their planting for the following year.  They also new in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun would start to move across what we now know as the equator.

So all you reconstructed druids, your going to Stonehenge at the wrong time of the year !  

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