Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sunday Foodie bit! Sicilian cookery!

The Montalbano Cook book!

I have become a fan of the BBC 4 foreign detective show time slot on Saturday night!  We have had the Nordic detectives of Wallender and the Danish/Swedish female detective with the famous jumpers (name slips my mind).  Now we Commisario Montalbano (have included a non-BBC link as often difficult to access BBC iplayer sites from outside UK), probably the best of the lot so far!

Against a background of traditional Italian stereotypes of  Sicilian characters the island is show cased as a spectacular backdrop.  Probably not on the must visit tourist trail, this is the largest Mediterranean island.  Being such a large island it has a great diversity of climates and soils.  In such an area there is a great diversity of food.  Mixtures of Greek, Arabic, mainland Europe and Italian cooking have washed over the island with the different owners.

Montalbano features many different dishes using this produce.  The main character spends a fair amount of time on food orientated meetings/lunches something that is not seen in many detective dramas.  A cookbook or list of recipes would be great to follow.  The humble aubergine seems to take on a life outside being stuffed, frittered or moussaka-ised. 

So task for the week to find one of the recipes featured in the latest episode and have a try!

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