Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hobbies for 2pointfiveageofman!

Endeavouring to hobby!

The autumn of the dark nights is approaching!  Dominoes and cribbage are no longer part of the pub scene.  Dangerous Book for Boys times might be upon us.  This is a book a few years ago I bought in Grumpy youngish man mode when all the papers were on about lack of outdoor play!  Conkers are they actually banned?  I remember reading as a child a similar book, which we may still have around the house somewhere which was more about indoor games for winter.

A few years ago I bought an Airfix model as a distraction from work.  The theory being that if I had a 3D model to build I would not turn on the computer (ironic now blogging about it).  If I did not turn on the computer I would not wrestle with the digital classroom in an environment ( a certain type of school) that did not really lend itself to the digital classroom.

This time I am going to take the lid off the box.  A  forgotten ship in the history of Britain but remembered in the Space Shuttle Series.  A history of the ship I will delve a little further into a little later in time.  This was a ship in the tradition of scientific research, along with the more famous Bounty and the RSS Discovery.

The idea of a research vessel quite different from the privateering expeditions of Drake and Columbus.  The involvement of the Royal Society in petitioning the Admiralty was continuation of the enlightenment or Renaissance.  It is only historians who like to pigeon hole STEM  ( a new buzz term) into cultural eras shaped by the philanthropists of the arts of that era.

Revisiting this period through this model building exercise is also a chance to revisit some of my interests   Cook was the first expedition to set eyes on Botany Bay.  Jospeh Banks the Botanists on board described many new species and the Latin names of many plants contain the name banksii.

More to follow.

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