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Wellbeing on a Thursday

Getting closer to escaping to that break on Crete
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These are a few of my favourite things

A time to pause briefly.  I have been driving around West Suffolk in ever decreasing circles.  A lot of ground has been covered in what has been quite a complicated piece of organisation and logistics.  Most of the task complete.  Very interesting to see how many businesses there tucked away in barns or down  little country lanes.  Telework  (Telework Association ideal way to reap benefits of working in a rural environment while having a global presence.  Communications are not great East to West in Suffolk.  However West Suffolk is almost grazed by the M11 and Stansted (plea to airlines could we have a service to Crete from Stansted restored since Aegean Airlines became Greece's national carrier have to trek all the way to Gatwick or Luton) is on the door step.

Looking forward to taking advantage of some the opportunities that the Olympics 2012 events can offer tickets have gone on sale.  There are also opportunities for small businesses to be able to bid for part of the supply chain services.  Most large projects have apparently been managed by multinationals (had a conversation with a big Aussie friend who is subcontracting in Stratford) and most of the actual work is being done by firms in East London.  Suffolk on the doorstep, West Suffolk even more so as only 1 hour away, has a great opportunity.

Todays' blog is ostensibly about wellbeing.  I have found the last few weeks that as I have cranked up the wheels of personal industry that even micro blogging can be useful if you are a small business person to not only sometime record your experiences but also share your expertise.  Shouting in a desert can be almost the same as trying to clap using only one hand.  Tweeting at the moment is turning up a vast array of new contacts and opinions.  As people start to get used to tweeting you start to see the personalities of people emerge.  they are generally positive and forward thinking.  This is infectious on a damp foggy morning in Suffolk. Unlike Facebook 140 characters makes you think of the message you are trying to convey.  Blogging definitely falls into the category of a Reflective Journal that can be used to manage and assess your own Wellbeing.  To quote one of my fellow tweeters on Wellbeing, happy  tweeters keep followers. 

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