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Supermoons and Equinoxes

Lunacy  seems to be prevailing a lot in society at the moment, whether actual or perceived.  World events in and around the Mediterranean are taking an interesting but probably predictable turn  given that we are at the beginning of century.  Catastrophic events seem to group themselves around these decades.  Just looking at a few examples from Wiki-pedia relating to Europe and the Mediterranean (similar events happening across the World)

10th Century - Vikings start explode out  in Northern Europe, Fatimid dynasty established in   Algeria , 917 Bulgarians defeat the Byzantine Empire

11th Century - 1001 Volcanic Eruption with 6.5 Earthquake, Egyptian scientist feigns madness for fear of offending Caliph but during this time under house arrest writes the book of optics , Vikings under Leif Erickson continue world tour and find America (was it ever lost), Byzantines beat proverbial out of the Bulgarians 

12th Century - Arms business starts to be established  , Baldwin I crowned King of Jerusalem this event still echoing down the centuries with inappropriate word of crusader being used by North African "leader", pesky Vikings are up to it again this time crusading, must be those genes influenced by short winter days obviously wanting a summer holiday (trying not to trivialise events but also not be sombre)

13th Century - Rise of French in Europe and Normandy falls (1214), 1215 Magna Carta Signed

14th Century - Climate change and the Little Ice Age  and warm summers from 1300 not dependable, food crisis  (Sunday Express article )

I could go on but the patterns are similar to our times.  The career of a British aristocratic family was the first generation made the money from nothing, the second consolidated their position and became respectable the third generation spent it all and then livid off the fact the family was once "great".  This seems to be pattern adopted globally.

We seem to be forgetting the past historical examples.  In the age of the internet these basic facts are there to see, that history does repeat itself.  However with the vast perceived  wealth collectively that we have ......  we seem to allow certain groups to make billions to the detriment  of progress for all.  We should not have children stealing food in modern Britain to feed siblings.  This is not Oliver Twist or the Water Babies Britain surely?

PS Will be blogging more on Wordpress blogs, from this week, also will be blogging on Best of Haverhill about gardening soon.

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