Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year for the 2 point five age of man

Resolution time

Time of the year when thoughts are turning to the new year of 2013.  We have survived the Mayan Calendar predictions.  Saw a good pic on Facebook "If the Mayans were so good at predicting the future, where are they now?" or words to that effect.  The continuing austerity imposed in 2012  is according to the UK politicians starting to work. So here's to a more affluent time for 2013.

Top five Key "moments" for the UK in my opinion in 2012

  1. Queens' Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  Not just for UK but for the whole of the Commonwealth
  2. London Olympics and Paralympics
  3. Signing of Better Broadband agreements across the UK
  4. UK not getting involved or "taking the lead" in Syrian Civil war by sending troops
  5. Continuing Bank misconduct exposure (not really one key event)

Top Five Tech moments for 2012 again  IMO
  1. Rise of Android as the leading mobile OS
  2. Google Plus Communities feature launched 
  3. Start of first Online Universities such as edX and Coursera
  4. Apple not winning all it's legal cases
  5. Rise of Phablets and Tablets over Desktop PCs
Obviously there are a myriad of other events that have shaped 2012.  The defining  moments may change through time as their impacts are felt. 

The major personal milestone for 2012 has been the setting  up of Haverhill Online Learning Community. This is going to occupy quite a bit of time through 2013.  Have look and if interested join or copy the idea for you own local community!

Will resume normal content of blog from now on based on good food, well being and stories about my home county Suffolk.

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