Thursday, 13 September 2012

Suffolk Foodie Bit! The Friday Market!

Wintry view across Haverhill from the "new" market
Tescos (Super?) to the church where old market, stalls
can be found in it's shadow to the right!

Markets Ancient and Modern in Haverhill

Haverhill is a very ancient Settlement!  The new Haverhill Research Park  emphasises the similarity between the modern land use and the past land use of the area.  In developing the area a history stretching back to at least Roman times and prehistoric times has started to be uncovered by the Archaeological dig taking place as part oft he development.  Hints of the use of new technologies in the field of agriculture are being found in this site that echoes the biotechnology focus of the Research Park!

Along the spring line of the southern ridge of the Stour Brook the town of Haverhill developed.  The steeper northern  ridge has arguably a lot thinner soils and even today is known as the Chalkstone Hill.  Looking across to the church from the bottom of the Chalkstone Hill the more gentle rise supplies the bulk of the old town.  Haverhill market reputedly has a charter that goes back to the 1200s.  The positioning of it close to the crossing point of the Stour at Wixoe made it a convenient halt on the route from Sudbury to Cambridge. This local Livestock market originally behind the Bull, Queens Head and Rose and Crown continued  until the late 1960s and early 1970s.

So today I am going have a wander around the market square and have a look at the opportunities to buy fresh produce fresh produce on what was the Peas Market Site!  So a second blog post on this subject soon to appear!


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