Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Suffolk Foodie Bit!

A Suffolk Blonde!

Tastes of Suffolk!

September is knocking on the door.  Suffolk is definitely a rural county today!  The products found on our shelves many and varied, the wheat beer shown left is a good example.  This time of harvest is a good reason to look at some of the food and drink related activities in the county and surrounding area!

The season of the food fayre is starting!  There was a food event in Bury St. Edmunds over the last weekend.  Various shots have appeared via the local accountancy firms Facebook page.  In Cambridge on Parkers' Piece (famous as the home of  association football)  there is the annual Cambridgeshire food festival in two weeks.  

A few topics to discuss over the next few weeks: Hedgerow wines, pickling onions and Suffolk traditional recipes!


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