Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Sunday Foodie Bit: Father's Day

The Sunday Foodie Bit:  Father's Day

A Sunday, food and Father's day a combination that could be extra special.  The simplicity of British food  can make any Father's day menu range from the school meal (traditional) steak and kidney pie is h, to farm assured Beef or local produce.  Father's choice would probably have been beef but only five of us plus a bouncy 1 year old spaniel as nephew and brother-in-law away at cub scout camp.  Cat not particularly happy with four legged visitor so had retreated under my bed!!

Suffolk is famous for it's ham and bacon.  Recipes producing Suffolk      Black Ham and Bacon are usually kept very secret with the combination of pickling mixtures and black molasses producing a unique product (apparently Shropshire has one as well but didn't find it when I lived in Shropshire).

Today we had a piece of Bacon.  Unfortunately not Black Bacon but good Bacon none the less when it is as was roasted  with a covering of soft brown sugar.  Roast potatoes accompanied by cauliflower cheese, with a fresh green beans and carrots (unfortunately beans imported but allegedly all other ingredients sourced in the UK so low air  mile count!).  Also piccalilli, but commercial variety as my own not quite ready yet!.  Afters of Treacle Tart and Peach Sponge (peaches again not sourced in UK but we will forgive mother's small fitted kitchen cupboard not suitable to be called a larder).  All washed down with cider!!

So in essence a Suffolk meal, a few days later and we may have been able to use the Strawberries, but I have only just ripened the first two.  A friend who I gave some plants to last year has a glut coming along since the second year is  always fruitful.  Lift the plants after the third year and then start again!
First Strawberries of the season 8 days
before Wimbledon!

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