Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday analysis June 17th

Pre-Solstice Analysis

Have reached one of those impasses that occur to many in recession hit times. A good idea is there but the time frame to achieve it may not be there.

A shot of a sunny day, the free energy that  is available should be used.  The German economy has recently been put on the course to towards a nuclear free future. The energy sources replacing nuclear fission are renewable.  However, they can always buy energy from France (nuclear).  So why do we not this in the UK?

I have recently started to train to put panels on the roof for solar energy. I have a vision for their use but may find that career change comes a bit too expensive.  Opportunities exist but cashflow is tight.

A vision to grow food in conditions powered by solar panels would be a great achievement.  Reduction of carbon footprint by reducing airmiles would be one advantage.  Employment in local communities would also be an advantage.

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